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Born in Imperia, Italy, in 1945, Giuseppe Conte studied at the University of Milan  earning a degree in literature in 1968.After

leaving the teaching profession, Conte was a poetry editor for the publisher Guanda and wrote for newspapers and magazines. He

produced and hosted a special poetry feature series for Italian public television.

Conte’s firs book of criticism, La metafora barocca (Baroque Metaphor) was published in 1972.His early works of poetry, as well as his theoretical essays, have made him a leading figure in the movement for the renewal of Italian poetry.Conte’s poetic writings center around the great themes of myth and nature and find expression in books as L’ultimo aprile bianco (The last white april,1979) and L’Oceano e il Ragazzo 1983, 2002 (The Ocean and the Boy, 1997), which have a strong impact on Italian poetry and gained the acclaim of an author as Italo Calvino.L’Oceano e il Ragazzo was translated into French by Jean-Baptiste Para and won the Nelly Sachs prize for the best poetry translation in 1989.With the next book, Le stagioni , (The seasons) Conte won the Montale Prize. The collection intitled  Dialogo del poeta  e del messaggero (Dialogue between the poet and the messenger, 1992), include the poetry suite “Democrazia” (Democracy) which touches on themes and tones of civil poetry.

The last poetry volumes are Canti d’Oriente e d’Occidente ( Songs

of the East and the West, 1997) , Nuovi Canti (New Songs, 2001) and Ferite e rifioriture (Wounds and new blossoms, 2006, Viareggio Prize).

Conte published also many novels ( the last  are Il Terzo Ufficiale , The Third Officier in command , Hemingway Prize, translated into French, and  La casa delle onde, The house of the waves, about the wreck of Shelley in 1822,  2005, selected by the Strega Prize, translated into French with the title L’homme qui voulait tuer Shelley, and L’adultera, The adulteress ), a short story in bilingual edition Angelina’s lips, 2001, books of essays on travel and myth, two opera librettos, three plays, two monumental anthologies La lirica d’Occidente (Western  lyric poetry,1990) and La poesia del mondo (The poetry of the World, 2003), including poems of Arabic, Persan, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Japanese traditions.Conte has translated Blake, Shelley,  Whitman and D. H Lawrence.He has read his poetry in more than thirty   countries, from France to Russia, from United States to Argentina, from Sweden to Morocco, from Portugal to Cuba. Now he lives in Sanremo.


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